12 Tips to #chasejoy in 2020

Holiday vacation's over and an entire new year is ahead. So what now?! To some, a fresh new year is daunting. But we all know that happiness is a choice, and it's so worth kicking off the new year strong.

Below are 12 tips that always help me chase joy in the new year. 

  1. Meditate. Find space to be alone. Put your phone away. Listen to nature. 
  2. Identify anything making you feel energized, and anything making you feel off. Write both down.
  3. Make a vision board to see symbols of goals on paper. Hang it. What does your happiness look like? If that's too general, what does your perfect fantasy workday look like? What award would you receive next year, if you could name it? Hang the award! What 4 things from the board can you work on this next year? How can you level up something you're already doing? 
  4. Name the specific sacrifices necessary to reach goals over the next year. What would it take?  Do you want -- kids? abs? new job? to run a marathon? an expensive purse? a luxurious vacation? a new home? a business? concert tickets? How do you start stowing capital or time or energy to achieve these things realistically? Do you go to pilates every day, or save a certain amount of money each month? Again, write it down. Make a plan that will bring you closer. 
  5. Save 3 new healthy recipes. Mix them into your new year routine. 
  6. Refresh your lewwwk. It's no secret that if we're feeling down on the outside, it shows in our self confidence and reflects in happiness. If you're feeling this way, treat yo-self to a new investment in your appearance (e.g., microdermabrasion? teeth whitening? a fitness membership? hair service? a new outfit? or even a surgery you've always wanted?). Zero shame. Make a monthly savings plan. Get excited imagining your confidence boost after the thing. 
  7. Define holiday boundaries. Be your own mental health goalie. If certain family members drain you and make you upset, give yourself time off from them. 
  8. Scroll through your phone's "favorite" heart photos. This can be a reminder of the awesome things you did over the past year - how far you've come.
  9. Schedule a holiday vacation for next year.  Mix it up. Cut your other visits shorter next year and use the extra days for a quick New Years vacation somewhere sunny or exciting. Ask yourself if you can swap out any gifts to friends or family and treat them with visits or weekend getaways. 
  10. Workout. Because #endorphins. Sign up for a new race to push yourself. 
  11. Call an old friend.  Ask them "Do you remember that time...?" just because! 
  12. Remember to breathe, and don't settle for less. 

Happy new year Rev fam.