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Revelrea is a DC-based hat company for women who love running free and being bold, while looking stylish and being sun-safe. We make luxe, lightweight and sweat-wicking baseball caps and visors with chic hand-painted prints and technical features. All prints are designed by Kelsey, the founder. Our products are for every female, no matter where on her personal health journey. The brand name Revelrea (a feminine play on the word “revelry”) symbolizes the joy experienced in movement.

Our mission is to make quality hats that empower women to chase joy™. We’re thrilled that a portion of our proceeds go to further empowering women at DC-based domestic abuse shelters.


Revelrea Founder Kelsey


Thank you for visiting! Like you, I wear many hats - runner, wife, painter, lawyer, daughter, sun lover... 
While training for a half marathon, I needed extra sun protection for my face, but I couldn't find cute, feminine and on-trend athletic hats. Visors especially felt outdated. It seemed like all athletic hats were designed for a man & repackaged for a woman – with plain colors, sports logos, or promo language. Sometimes they'd be pink, or sequined, but nothing felt designed to look pretty and be taken seriously. In a world where women's athleisure had come so far, hats were still an afterthought. I imagined a one-stop shop devoted to making pretty running & fitness hats for women.

At Revelrea, women can shop for the perfect hat with intention, style, and confidence. Each Revelrea hat is designed with hand-painted prints (or curated solid color combos), thoughtful features, and pure JOY. Because of our manufacturing process, the layout on each hat with our prints is one-of-a-kind.

I've had the privilege of seeing a handful of women test & love Revelrea hats. So whether you're running, spinning, walking that cute pup - I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HOW YOU wear them! 
✨ chase joy ✨ protect your face ✨ wear pretty hats ✨⠀

Founder. @revelrea