Caring for your Revelrea Hat

Machine washable & dryer-friendly, caring for your Revelrea hats is easy.


When a stain hits or you finish a sweaty workout, rinse your hat in fresh cold water (we use our sink!). This prevents stains from setting if you can't machine wash immediately. Lay flat to dry.

For regular washing, machine wash hat in cold water on gentle or delicate cycle using a mild detergent (e.g., Tide) with like colors. Alternatively, hand rinse with gentle soap under cold running water. (*no fabric softeners!)

Machine dry on regular or low heat. 


    For the perfect bill curl, use a clean coffee mug to “taco” roll it. Let sit for 5 minutes, then wear. 

    Before intense workouts, avoid wearing makeup under your hat to prevent stains from coming through with sweat or heat. *Still, most makeup stains rinse out with washing.

      To eliminate fabric wrinkles, toss it in your machine dryer on regular or low heat for 20 minutes. For next-level smoothness, use a miniature iron with a towel behind, carefully avoiding our silicon logo and hat trim.

      Ideally, hang hat or store in open area without wrinkling or folding.