Revelrea FAQs


Revelrea is excited to introduce NEW sizing to fit more heads. Our back pulls are velcro and can be adjusted for a tighter or looser fit, too. 

Size Medium: ~ 22 inches in circumference
Size Small: ~ 21 inches in circumference 
S/M: ~ 21.5 inches in circumference


What materials are the hats?  

Revelrea caps and visors are made of a luxuriously soft and breathable polyester blend, similar to your activewear from other brands. We tested countless fabric samples to select the best cloud-like material for your sweaty workouts and play. The back pulls are Velcro with a rubber branded “rr” short for Revelrea.

Is there anywhere I can try on Revelrea hats?

We’re primarily an online store, but we’re so happy to offer select hats in Core72, a DC-based fitness boutique.

How do I care for my hats?

Revelrea hats are machine washable in cold water and dryer-friendly on low-heat. Our sturdy boxes allow the hats to maintain their integrity through shipping and arrive fairly smooth, however, see below for tips in case of wrinkles or bends. 

*Cap Tip: If your cap is wrinkled and you’re short on time to smooth through natural wear, carefully iron the main fabric of the cap on medium heat while holding a thick towel behind and avoiding the piping and logo. It’s tricky, but it’s a hack we’ve found that makes for a sleek hat. 

*Visor Tip: Visors will smooth naturally with wear, but can sometimes be ironed with hair straighteners on medium heat (but obvs, make sure the plates are clean first).

What's behind the name Revelrea...and how is it pronounced?!

Revelrea is a feminine play on the word "revelry," and pronounced like it. Revelrea symbolizes the joy and revelry from endorphins in exercise. 

For more, see Our Story.

How soon will my hat ship?

It usually takes our team 2-3 business days to ship orders.  We offer both standard and expedited shipping, and will do everything possible to rush orders we see flagged as expedited.  

*Please note that once your order has shipped, we are unable to re-route or expedite it.

**During extremely high-volume times like launch, please allow up to 4 business days for your order to be dispatched.

How soon will clothing ship?

Due to COVID19, we're seeing longer than usual fulfillment times for clothing. Usually tank tops and other clothing ships from our warehouse within 4-9 days after fulfillment, separate from our hats. We are unable to offer expedited shipping on tanks and clothing at this time, but if you select expedited shipping at checkout, the hats will arrive sooner than clothing. 

What is the hat manufacturing process?

The making of each hat begins with Kelsey painting watercolor in her home studio in the Washington DC area. She converts the paintings into digital prints and sends them to a supplier to convert to textile. She and the Revelrea team design custom, modern measurements and select thoughtful features (for example, back pulls, ventilation, more) before approving batches for small-run manufacture. Before releasing our products we quality check them for cuteness and durability.

Can I change or edit my order?

We process an order as soon as it’s placed, therefore we’re unable to make changes (including shipping/billing addresses, shipping method, promo codes, changing items, etc.). But if you email us before it ships, we may be able to make minor changes like exchanges. 

My package says “delivered” but I haven’t received it.

Oh no! Since the package indicated it was delivered, there are a few steps we suggest taking…

  • Occasionally, packages are marked as delivered before they are physically at your address. Please allow 24 hours following a delivery confirmation before assuming that there is an issue with the delivery.
  • Contact your local post carrier and try to speak to your postal person directly, as sometimes they have a recollection of when and where they leave packages.
  • Make sure your mail area is secure, and leave a note to request that packages not be left unattended.
  • Is there a chance one of your neighbors mistakenly collected your package?  
  • If you have completed all of the above, please contact us at so we can file a claim on our end! 

For any other questions, please email