Our Fave Running Stroller of 2019 is the BOB Revolution Flex Lunar

running stroller floral hat

Hey there! I'm Angela, a featured guest author on the Revelrea Blog. I connected with Revelrea early on through a love of running and hats, of course!

My pick for best running stroller of 2019: 

In the last few months, the BOB Revolution Flex Lunar running stroller has basically become an extension of my left arm!

I love that it is both stable and responsive enough that I can push it one handed 98% of the time, which allows me to maintain a relatively normal running form. The big cargo basket has turned out to be really helpful as my son and I need to shed clothing layers, gloves, etc. on longer runs. Another great feature is the UPF 50+ canopy, because it keeps my very fair-skinned strawberry blonde boy safe from the sun while enabling me to keep an eye on him through the plastic viewing window. I'm also stoked on how easy it is to adjust the seating position so that I can quickly recline him when he inevitably falls asleep about 2 miles into the run.

I chose the “Lunar” edition because high-visibility reflective details make me feel safe on evening runs.

Overall, I’d say the best part is how much my babe loves it too - he consistently squeals in excitement when he sees the stroller set up for our runs together.

My one complaint: I did have to buy replacement inner tubes for the tires within the first couple of months of use after running over some thorns, but since buying these heavy duty thorn resistant tubes, I haven’t had a single issue!