Kelsey's Favorite 4 Sunscreens for Running & Errday

Let's talk about RUNSCREEN (see what I did there?). 

Everyone needs it, everyday - especially outdoor runners!  Like any skincare product, it's a battle finding a runscreen that suits you.  Critically, it must do its job: block sun rays and stay on.  But it's those extra qualities -- lightness, pigment, convenience, price, and how well it blends with makeup -- that truly set some apart from the pack.  Below I discuss my favorite runscreens. 


1. Neutrogena - Clear Face Break-out Free Liquid Lotion Sunscreen SPF 55  (~$ 10.00)

Neutrogena Clear Face runscreen is a game changer.  It has a high SPF of 55, blends well with makeup, and is extremely water resistant and sweat proof.  There are few sunscreens that are worth trusting for a day at the beach, let alone a quick run, and this is definitely one of them.  The only downside I've found is that it leaves a faint, barely-noticeable white ghost zinc base layer.  But when blended with makeup, this layer mostly fades away.  Overall, it's awesome because it's so lightweight, non-irritating, and it feels like you can truly rely on the protection it provides. 

2. Sun Bum - Face 50 (~$ 13.00)

While Sun Bum's name and logo are cute and purse-worthy, the protection and price is serious and wallet-friendly.  Sun bum runscreen provides excellent coverage, is lightweight for bare face days, and blends seriously well with makeup.  I've also never had a breakout when using it.  It's sweatproof and water resistant in an awesome and reliable way.  It doesn't leave a white pigment, either.  If you want an affordable, all-around fantastic sunscreen perfect for running, this could be it.  But if you're super fair, maybe safer to go with the Neutrogena for the higher SPF. 

3. Dermalogica - Oil Free Matte SPF 30 (~$54.00)

Dermalogica runscreen is oh-so moisturizing and provides a really luxurious feel. It's made specially for breakout prone, sensitive skin. It's my favorite sunscreen to wear under makeup, giving skin a dewy yet non-greasy and non-pigmented look, with adequate SPF 30 for everyday wear.  However, if you're going for your long Saturday run outside, or hitting the beach or a hike, I recommend opting for another with higher SPF and water/sweatproof durability. 

Dermalogica Matte SPF 30 Sunscreen

4. Colore Science - Brush on Sunscreen SPF 50 (~$ 65.00)

Powder runscreen?!  No joke... ColoreScience mineral powder sunscreen works!  And not only is it good for running, but it's my pick for the fastest, most convenient application on-the-go.  Have you ever been caught at an outdoor lunch in THAT SEAT in the sun, with no cover?  Yeah, me too.  Those sunnies won't save your face from that skincare sabotage.  ColoreScience to the rescue.  It's been around for a while (*over 10 years ago I was prescribed ColoreScience by a plastic surgeon to prevent darkening of a facial scar from a car accident).  Fast forward, recently I was so excited to notice this went mainstream.  It provides medical-grade protection, but with the convenience of a tiny tube and powder that can go over makeup.  You can brush it on in a sweep (but because the brush just feels a little unreliable, for a full strength coverage we recommend unscrewing the cap and dabbing the powder onto a poof, like you would for powdered makeup).  You can also provide stronger and more targeted coverage to small areas (like scars) by dabbing your finger in the canister and applying directly.  Overall, a great runscreen to keep on hand for just-in-case moments. 

 Of course, a great hat is crucial, too.